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    The real estate market is a fast-paced industry. This means that your company needs to keep up with the trends, which is why it’s important for you to explore your options for social media platforms.

    Now, the most impactful social media platforms for real estate agencies is Facebook. This is because Facebook is able to reach a large audience for your posts and offers different features such as free analytics to make sure that you are generating leads more than ever.

    Moreover, Facebook is the leading social media platform for marketers and businesses. It is the best platform for reaching millennials, which also makes it the most achievable platform for real estate marketing. In this blog, let’s hear the reasons why Facebook is the Social Media Platform that Is the Most Impactful for Real Estate Agencies.

    1. Targeting Audience by creating a custom audience

    Whether your real estate agency has a brick and mortar store or online, it’s likely that you’re already benefiting from the reach and engagement that Facebook brings to the table.

    But did you know that you can use Facebook’s custom audience feature to help your business? By creating a custom audience, you can target people who have shown interest on what you offer, and then promoting it more through Facebook ads.  This is a cost-effective method to look for people that is most likely a good match to a mortgage.

    • Setting a custom conversion goal

    Facebook helps real estate agents by setting a custom conversion goal.

    With Facebook’s increasing popularity, more and more people are using the social media platform to get their business in front of potential clients. One way to help your business grow is to tie your Facebook ads to a custom conversion goal. You can use Facebook conversion goals to figure out how many clicks, likes, views, and other actions you should be doing on the properties you offer. In this case, it will give you a better idea of how much work and efforts you need to put in to get potential clients and actual buyers.

    • Campaign budget optimization

    Sometimes, the budget for a campaign can get out of control. This is where Budget Optimization comes from Facebook in handy. By having the right budget, you can see how your campaign is performing in real-time and make quick adjustments to your modest. You can even compare your current spending and see what you spend the most on – which can help you to regulate what you want to focus on next.

    • Audience insights to gather people’s interests

    Facebook is a tremendous platform to grow your audience and make connections with people. However, in order to find out what people are interested in, you need to get audience insights. Facebook provides audience insights that can define what your customers wants – particularly mortgage properties. Because once you know that a person is interested in getting or selling a home, it’s much easier to offer them your services as well as create better content to keep their interests. 

    • Scheduling ads

    Facebook has been a boon for Real Estate agencies, by enabling them to schedule ads. With this feature, you can easily schedule the ad for the best time for you to reach the most people.

    In Summary

    Facebook continues to provide the very best on-platform, off-platform and social ads creation tools for real estate agents. With the latest marketing automation that Facebook offers and the capabilities of their Marketing API, real estate agencies have a huge opportunity to provide the best, most impactful marketing for their audiences through the platform.

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